About us

bestdogfoods.us is a reference service that will help you make an educated decision when purchasing pet food.

Welcome! We produced bestdogfoods.us website Commercial Dog Food Evaluations, focused on ingredients and diet analysis of business pet foods for dogs. The feedback and satisfaction we have caused by this website encouraged me to produce Commercial Dog Food Reviews.

Our Reviews

The reviews on bestdogfoods.us would be the direct consequence of information easily available from public sources – books, journals, research material, along with other publications. This, coupled with experience with numerous years of integrating using the commercial dog food industry, manufacturers, and consumers has hopefully introduced these reviews to some cohesive whole. We’ve collaborated with commercial dog food manufacturers who consequently have re-analysed their formulas and re-formulated, and we’ve read and responded to countless emails from pet proprietors around the globe.

What we’ve learned from my scientific studies are that the commercial dog food can’t ever be much better compared to things that have been in it. There are methods a producer could make the components tell another story and telltale signs within the ingredients and guaranteed analysis that demonstrate the reality. The details are there, and just what we hope people profit from our reviews is an understanding of what they’re feeding the furry buddies they love a lot.


Commercial dog food is continuously altering, with new brands and formulas appearing constantly. Through the years we have seen ingredients researched as well as their dietary value demonstrated and disproved. Around we attempt to follow along with similar info, it isn’t easy to maintain a lot of reviews inside an altering industry.

For those who have any feedback, I usually welcome comments on reviews or direct emails. Your contributions are appreciated, thanks.

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